Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Thanksgiving and then some

This was our Thanksgiving feast on our somewhat cluttered table. Just the two of us this year. It was nice. Plenty of leftovers. I think we will be eatting ham until 2012! I made us cute little heart shapped cheesecakes for dessert. All was yummy.
Woke up at 4 a.m. on Friday to do some holiday shopping. I love the adrenaline rush you get from the swarms of people rushing into stores when they open. I stood in 2 lines and got what I needed to get at both stores. This is what I returned home to:

I call it the Charlie Brown tree. I bought it last year on super clearance and never opened it to see what it looked like. I now understand why it was so cheap. We laughed at it a while and then decided to go find a fuller tree and new decorations. I also hauled out our smaller tree and decorated it in ivory & gold:


deepbluefaith said...

This is completely random, but we have the same utensil pattern. :)


katieoltremare said...

did you paint that room? it looks really nice! your cheesecakes look pretty yummy too.