Saturday, October 14, 2006

SP9 contest

Here is my list of favorites:
List your favorite:

Actor - Owen Wilson ~ mmmm what a hottie!
Actress - Meg Ryan
Animal - my dog Penny!
Band - currently I like The Fray. I also really like Hem though I only own 1 of their CDs
Book - I don't know about favorite but I really liked Marley & Me
Bubble Bath - I haven't taken a bath in so long but I like anything fruity or florally for baths
Candy - Mmmm Reese's peanut butter cups!!!! And anything gummy!
Color - any fall colors
Drink- Orange juice, diet dr. pepper, and long islands
Flower - I like dahlias and lilacs. Any "showy" flowers
Food - Anything mexican and mmmm taco pizza!
Lip Balm - Burt's Bees for sure!
Lotion - nothing overly strong. Anything from Bath & Body Works except Cucumber Melon, yuck!
Movie - You've Got Mail
Place- In my art studio or northern Minnesota along Lake Superior
Song - no favs. Anything by Frank Sinatra maybe
TV Show - Amazing Race & Project Runway!!!!
Yarn- for some reason I am drawn to the chunky bulky yarn. Anything handmade or hand dyed.
Vacation Spot - Northern Minnesota of course though Sanibel, FL is a close 2nd.

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Kaitie Tee said...

I like "You've Got Mail" too. F-O-X!