Friday, October 20, 2006


Getting ready to head out in a couple of hours. Driving to Chicago for some serious shopping. The Paper Source is having their big warehouse sale this weekend and I am so pumped to be going!!! I have been reading up on it and getting some tips from people as well. I am hoping to pick up some supplies for some wedding invitations I have been hired to make as well as some goodies for myself.
On the knitting side of things we have started our weekly knitting group again, kind of a fall/winter thing. Though these first 2 weeks there were only 2 of us. I am working on my baby hat which is requiring me to work with double pointed needles! Ack! This is my first time knitting with dpns and I don't care for it so much but maybe I just need to get used to it. I decided to host knitting night at my house this past week so people at the coffee shop (where we usually meet) wouldn't think that I was some kind of freak. I just can't seem to figure out a good way to hold the needles when I work and it seems like there is constant shifting of yarn that needs to be done. Is that normal? I don't know how I ever would be able to make socks! And as for the fingerless gloves that I want to make.....I might have to put those on hold until I can figure out this whole dpn thing. I think I would have given up by now but I already had the ear flaps made. Pictures to come.
In the meantime here are a couple of fun wedding pics of me and a couple family photos.

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deepbluefaith said...

You look so amazing! The nicest wedding pics I have seen in a LONG time! Congrats!