Saturday, August 16, 2008

Pack Your Knives and Go....see the Top Chef tour!
Yep, it was in town and we were lucky enough to get seats inside the trailer to see CJ & Dale do some cooking! It totally rocked, the food was so good and the guys were just like you saw on television. They cooked up little pork sausages and a salad that had almonds, peaches, corn, and tons of goodness in it. Some of the ingredients they even got at the farmer's market that morning!

the trailer where the action happened

cooking up a storm...and telling us the truth about Hung

our delicious meal!
us & my lovely hair

We then headed over to the Iowa State Fair and decided that going on a Saturday is not for us! Too crowded! We did discover a couple of new areas of the fair that we hadn't explored before. My favorite was the animal learning center where we saw many different baby animals and if you are there at the right time you can even see them being born!

An ostrich that just hatched

baby ostriches

the baby goats were sitting in their food dishes

let's talk about chicks man

the Des Moines skyline from the fair

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katie said...

reading this puts a huge smile on my face. that is so awesome that you were able to talk to the top chef guys! now I wonder, what IS the truth about hung? :)

that baby goat is the cutest thing ever. and of course, the chicks man. haha.