Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I LOOOOOOOVE my birthday present!!!!!!!

after a short ride down the street.

I love my birthday present soooo much. A couple of you may remember the day I bought my super cute pink suede Vans shoes and how much I loved them, I loved them so much I could have slept with them on. That is how I feel about this bike, I could sleep with it but I am pretty sure Mike wouldn't allow that. This is the awesomest birthday present ever!

In other news I have started couponing and trying to get the best deals at the store. I am not nearly as good as some are but I think I am on my way. I got the following items for a total of $1.30! And really I got it all for free, I noticed the mini wheats box has a rebate on it so after I turn that in everything will be free + overage!!!

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