Monday, June 04, 2007

UGH!!! I am so frustrated. My brother quit his summer job after only 2 1/2 days. My brother quit his summer job at my husband's company after my husband worked so hard to get him the job. And now my brother's friend wants to quit the same job. My husband worked hard at bugging people to get these two crazies hired on, and what do they do? Quit, it's not what they expected and all of the sudden it isn't about the money anymore either. Come on people, it's only a summer job, 2 months. Suck it up is what I say. Join 90% of people that don't like their job, it's only 2 months. Sure you don't get to sit and do nothing, sure you don't get to surf the internet endlessly. Frustrated is all I can say, though it's hard to stay that way when you hear your pretty manly brother crying on the phone about how he doesn't like it. UGH!

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