Friday, June 08, 2007

So I realized that I never shared my somewhat scary story from last week.

It all started on my drive to the men's softball league. The Dog was with me and as usual I had the windows down in the car b/c my air conditioner takes for ever to get cool. Drivin' along Penny would stick her head out every once in a while and once put her paw up on the window, I told her no and she sat back down. She did that twice while we were driving along. On the way home around 10pm I again had the windows down and she enjoyed the air. Then as soon as I pulled into our driveway she leaps out the window!!!! Luckily I had a hold of the end of her leash but then here I am trying to pull the rest of the way in the driveway and not run over the dog who I cannot see! Well I get pulled in and then I am like Crap, how is this going to work. I am on the driver's side with my right arm out stretched holding on to the leash which goes through the passenger side window down to a dog I can't see! I manage to reach over and open the passenger door enough for her to get back in the car where she then received a swat on the nose for her bad behavior. What a crazy dog!!! I wanted to laugh, cry, and be mad at the same time. I am sure that it would have been quite a sight had it been daylight out, I could have run over my dog, and why the heck did she have to do that?!!!!! It's hard to be mad though, it's turned into a fun story to share.

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katieoltremare said...

that's such a nice picture of penny! sorry to hear your scary story though, i would totally have freaked out!