Friday, March 16, 2007

A week from now I will be in Florida! Yay! I am ready for my vacation, ready to soak up the sun.

On a side note, Mike & I have been struggling with 'keeping up with the jones'. It's hard when we are trying to save money and our friends are all buying expensive things. It's hard to be satisfied when you keep hearing about the new toy so and so bought. So if anyone knows of any articles, books, or just has general advice I would love to hear it.

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Rose Elizabeth said...

Super random: I found your color scheme comment on a wedding website, and am planning to go with a very similar color combo (light aqua/robins egg, rust, chocolate)for my August wedding in MN! I'm wondering if you have any pics you would be willing to share with me from your wedding? My fiance is having a hard time picturing the scheme and I was just hoping you could help me out. =) Thanks a ton!