Monday, February 05, 2007

1. The red shoes with white polka dots (2 posts ago) are sold out everywhere! I should have bought them right away, what a disappointment!
2. This weekends mini golf was okay. It was cold in the skywalks and I didn't get any hole-in-ones.
3. Dinner after mini golf was a joke. We waited 20 minutes for our second round of drinks to come and our appetizers didn't come until we were all done eating our meal! And we got lame excuses from the manager.
4. The upside to Saturday was Dairy Queen was having 1/2 their menu items so we all got super cheap blizzards.
5. Super bowl party was fun, spent more time talking with friends and laughing at commercials than watching the game (only got 1 scrapbook page done).

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deepbluefaith said...


What size are you? Maybe I will spot them here...

Heather :)