Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Another week means another post about favorites. I have been meaning to post about this website for quite sometime but just keep forgetting. I love nearly everything on here check it out. Their notepads are hilarious! And I especially like the card organizer. Knock Knock.

Well folks, it finally happened. I have been sucked in by the kiddie lit phenomena by the name of Harry Potter. I am nearing the end of book 2 and am looking forward to starting book 3 sometime this weekend. It is still strange for me to think about working in the Big Bookstore's children's department for nearly 2 years and never laying a finger on the Harry Potter books except to reshelve them. I hadn't read a young adult book in quite sometime, I had forgotten how much fun they are. I had been on a quest for a book to keep my interest and I have found them. I think my heart and mind will always love reading books for that age group.

In arty news I will be getting a new studio space at home! Yay! I will be moving into our other spare room which is slightly larger and has 3 big windows as opposed to my 1 little window that I currently have. So tons of light in this room. I get to pick out the paint color too. My currnet studio space I chose a plain and simple beige color b/c I didn't want the color of the walls to effect the way the colors I was working on (artwork) looked. Well I think the lots-o-windows will help minimize that in my new room and frankly I don't care about that as much anymore. So......I am open to anything. I need to take some time to go to the hardware store and look at paint chips but I am currently thinking of possible a light blue color maybe to go with my white desk. And I am hoping to take this room change and an oppertunity to purge things that I don't need because right now my room is completely overflowing with crap! This new room might also require a trip to IKEA for some cute storage. And with all the purging maybe I will have to ship out a couple of packages to people I know would love some craft supplies!

Along the line of changing rooms, our house is going is going through some major changes as well. In about a week we will be getting carpet for our living room and hallway to cover up our hardwood floors. They were nice for a while but after getting Penny we have just gotten sick of having to sweep and vaccuum nearly daily. We are getting a berber carpet that will hopefully hide her hair a bit better and will only require a once a week vaccuumig. We also will be purchasing a new vanity for our bathroom which is currently the ugly dark stained wood of the 1970s. Our new vanity will be white and will have better storage areas. A new vanity also means new paint color for the bathroom. We have picked out a wonderful aqua blue color which along with the white of the vanity will brighten up the room and give it the update that it desperately needs.

Found out that we have been starving our poor dog for about a year. We normally buy her a huge bag of dog food which she was almost out of so we went to buy some more. We decided to try a different brand this time. We get home and mix part of the new with part of the old and she managed to pick out all the new and leave the old. So the next day we gave her the new stuff. The food was barely out of the food scoop and she had snarffed it all down!!!! Right in front of us even!!! All this time we thought she was self concious and wouldn't eat in front of us (sometimes it would take her 2 days to finish 1 bowl of food) when really she hated her food! Poor pup!!!!

This weekend will be full of fun and friends. Tomorrow we will be going to DM to do skywalk mini golf. It's such a fun event and there is always a big group of us that signs up for it every year. They set up 3 different mini golf courses in the skywalk. Each hole is sponsored by a different business that designs their hole and you get a prize from that sponsor if you get a hole-in-one! So that will be a lot of fun. Then on Sunday we will be heading over to K & E's for a Scrappin' Superbowl Party. They will have the superbowl playing on tvs both upstairs and downstairs but downstairs there will also be tables set up so us girls can gab and work on our scrapbooking projects! How fun! So I am sure there will be pictures posted of this weekends fun.

Happy Friday!

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katieoltremare said...

i'm so jealous of your scrappin super bowl party!! that sounds like tons of fun.

and yeah, if you ever need to unload any art supplies, I'll willingly take them off your hands. not like I have the room for them either (you should see our office right now, it's a pit!) but it's always fun.