Tuesday, October 24, 2006

weekend recap

Chicago was great. Friends were great. Paper Source warehouse sale was great. Everything was great.
The Paper Source warehouse sale is the best thing ever. It is such an adrenaline rush! People everywhere trying to grap the same thing you are. Searching through piles and piles of packaged paper looking for just the right size and color. Bags and boxes of paper products everywhere! All in all I spent $85 which is considerably less that what I expected to spend. After spreading out my loot I added up what I would have paid for it all in the store. If bought frome the store I would have paid $730! And I got it for $85!!!!! I am totally going to the next one in April!!!

After the warehouse sale we went to the real Paper Source store and man, after the warehouse it sure does seem like you are getting ripped off everywhere else. The weather was perfect for shopping in Lincoln Park. There were dogs everywhere you looked, I loved it, the perfect fall day.
On our way back to Wheaton we stopped at a gas station that only sold coke products which was fine but in their fountain soda area they still offered Surge, I thought that was long gone like 10 years ago! Crazy. We also stopped at the most wonderful little yarn shop. Oh man, it made me drool. Every kind of yarn you and your little needles desire in any color imaginable! Needless to say I spent a pretty penny, more than I wanted to but I should have guessed it would be expensive since only about a quarter of the items were marked with prices but still, wow! I bough some super cute Debbie Bliss SoHo yarn. Don't know what I will make but I can't seem to find a good source of Debbie Bliss yarn in this area. Yarn pictures to come. Speaking of knitting, knitting group is tonight and I am dreading hauling out those dpns in public. grrr.

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