Sunday, June 11, 2006

I have been so busy lately. I have been ordering things for the wedding like crazy but it makes for fun packages in the mail. I have the paper for my invitations and so I have been working on wording and a layout that both Mike and I agree on. He said I could do whatever I wanted but you know guys, they still have their opinion. I feel that people expect a lot with what I produce as well since I went to school for art, in other words, they have to be perfect. If you know me, I am pretty picky as well.
Yesterday we went to DM and bought our wedding rings! Yay! I kept putting it on during our ride home. It is a simple wrap around band with a few diamonds in it, vintage looking. He also picked out tuxes so that is another thing to check off the list.
I feel that this has turned into more of a wedding blog than anything but that is what I have been concentrating on lately. I have been doing some knitting when I go on car rides, trying to finish up a blanket that I started a long time ago. Other than that, all arty things have been put on hold until the wedding preparation is done. I will be working on a guestbook for an early August wedding so I will be sure to post pictures of that.
In the meantime here is a photo of Me, Mike, and our Penny Pie from a couple of weeks ago and also a picture of the family tree I made for my grandparents.

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Bobbi said...

Awesome tree. I'm sure that you'll come up with something equally inspiring for the invitation.