Tuesday, May 23, 2006

another family weekend

I went to visit my family this past weekend. My last little brother graduated from high school. Yay for him. I a super proud of him but there are things I learned this weekend that made a worry. He is a super smart guy, very smart but I learned this weekend that he didn't apply for any scholarships! I thought for sure he would and that he would get lots of them but he didn't even apply. I also learned that he will be moving to northern Minnesota to live with his girlfriend and her parents for the summer. I wasn't to surprised buy this. But then I find out over the phone on Sunday that he will not only be there for the summer but for his first year of college too! He will be living with them and attending school! I didn't realize how protective of my little brother I was until all of this came about. Anyway, here is a couple of graduation pictures and then a recent prom pic of him and my parents.

I got quite a bit of knitting done on the 3.5 hour ride home. I picked up a blanket that I started long ago. We will be heading back to my family's this weekend for my grandparent's 50th anniversary so I should be able to get a bit more done on it as well. I have been working like mad to get a family tree done for their anniversary, I will be happy when this weekend is over and I can finally get going on my wedding invitations.

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