Thursday, April 20, 2006

more flowers

Well the hyacinths are done and now the tulips are blooming.
Mike is going to do some revamping in the back yard this weekend. We will be planting some dwarf lilac bushes and a couple of other bushes. We will also be planting a couple of hydrangea plants up front. I love watching my flowers grow, I check them daily.
Tomorrow my brother and I will make the drive to see our family back home. We are going to surprise our youngest brother before his prom. He was always drug against his will to our Grand March so we decided it would be nice to surprise him on his senior year.
I also have been working like mad trying to get some projects done for my grandparents. I am working on a guest book, family tree, and hand bound photo album that all needs to be done by the end of May.
I am hitting the gym tonight, I need to get back on track. My diet was going so well but I have been at a stand still lately bouncing back and forth between a couple of pounds. I only have a couple of months before I am going to bring my dress in to be altered and then I figure that I should maintain that weight. I have my mini all loaded with upbeat songs so I have no excuse.

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Jennifer said...

beautiful flowers! and thank you for being a great secret pal...i love my yarn. i may have to save the green and red sock yarn for myself! happy summer and good luck with your wedding!