Wednesday, February 01, 2006

2 things

Yes, I know I know, time for me to update. I really need to be better about this.
Well folks there are a couple of things going on that I would like to tell you about, the first being I am on the South Beach Diet. I started on Monday the 23rd and have lost 5.8lbs so far! I thought starting out that this diet would be hard but it is surprisingly easy. It helps that my honey is doing it too, he has the will power which helps me stay on the straight and narrow. We are not allowed fruit in the first phase (2 weeks) so I have been sucking on sugar free popsicles and drinking Crystal Lite.

The second thing is that I will be going to Florida in March!!! I will be flying down with a friend, neither of us has seen the ocean before. We will be staying on Sanibel Island at the vacation house of her boss. I am so excited! We plan on renting a car and driving to the eastern side of the state to see the real ocean. It should be a fun and relaxing trip. 4 days of fun!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on loosing weight - boy am I jealous!!! So does that mean that I can't send chocolate?? Hmmm - no worries I can figure something fun and somewhat diet proof!!

And going to FL huh -- Sanibel Island is one of my mother's favorite vacation spots - she says it's lovely!!

Enjoy enjoy!!

-Your SP7

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah - post more often - would love to see what you're knitting and how the wedding plans are coming!


Anonymous said...

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