Thursday, October 27, 2005


I think this girl is in my head because what she wrote is exactly how I feel today:
"I was talking with friends the other day about how certain activities change your body chemistry, how you can jump in water, or simply walk along the ocean and breathe in that air and your body alters with every step. You feel different. Your head clears, your skin glows. You are quite literally a different person than when you started. Putting on the right tunes, getting in your car and screaming (as one of my friends likes to do) or going on a walk can all turn you into a different you.
On the one hand, this is all very basic and intuitive. On the other, we tend to swirl ourselves into a messy head so easily and forget that we have our bodies as our allies and collaborators in climbing out of our heady tangles."

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Paula said...

hi, i came here just to thank you for the lovely cds you sent for ddd. i loved both! i was familiar with some of the singers/bands, but got to know a lot of others that i hadn't heard before. it was great! thank you! :)