Monday, October 31, 2005


The big weekend came and went and the level of stress remained low through the whole thing. 3 bridal shops and a gazillion dresses later and I have "the one" ordered. I love it. It is a Maggie Sottero in a shade called light gold. I had my matron of honor try on a chocolate bridesmaid dress and the two dress colors look so yummy together. There was a dress that was close second but I think I made the right choice for my outdoor autumn wedding. I just had to remember to get the one that I wanted and not the one that others wanted. Holy bovine! I just realized that I will be getting married on the first day of fall, my favorite season! I am hoping for an early color change next year but I don't want it to be super cold out.
Halloween tonight, gonna put on my kitty ears and hopefully pass out tons of candy.

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