Tuesday, October 04, 2005

It's true! I am engaged. I have a fiance. I am getting married! Whoa. Thinking about it sends a mixture of emotion through my body. I am super excited and I think will soon be overwhelmed by the preparation. There is so much to do! But man, I am so super excited and happy!
Saturday we already have plans to get pictures taken but my cousin who is about as excited as I am about the whole thing. She wants to take fall pictures of us to use as Christmas cards. It's free so why not? After that we are going to drive around and look for a nice outdoor place to have our ceremony though we pretty much have it picked out already, just have to see it in person. I believe that I have spread the news to all of the most important people. One thing I learned when making my phone calls is that grandmas sure like to talk on the phone. It probably is partly my fault since I only go "home" a couple of times a year but still an hour on the phone with each grandma is a bit much. There is a long pause and you think they are done and something else comes to mind and they keep going. It was good though. I have also discovered that being newly engaged is making it harder to work. I keep wanting to surf the internet for wedding sites. So much to think about.

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