Monday, September 19, 2005


First off just want to thank my secret pal for the glorious SNB book to add to my collection! Seems like such a staple for every knitter. Oh and by the way SP my boyfriend swipped the invoice envelope so that I couldn't sneak a peek at your name/location. I made him do it because I can't stand secrets, even if it involves presents for me! So thank you so much SP!!!!
And speaking of secret pals have you seen the gynormous list of participants!?! It is going to take me forever to get through them to see what other people are up to! There are some seriously talented knitters! I can't believe some of the projects that are out there. Maybe I can figure out how to felt from one of them.
Tonight is knitting night and I am taking a teporary break from mr. birdie to work on some face cloths. The girls and I will be making a batch of cloths to be sent off to hurricane katrina evacuees. Check out Cloths for Katrina for more info.
Today be talk like a pirate day. Try this out.
Got the long awaited calligraphy piece finished yesterday. I waited 3 months for it to actually only take me 1 day. There are a few things I will add but all the lettering is done. I can't believe I put it off this long! Maybe I will post a picture later.

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