Friday, September 16, 2005

Can the afternoon go any slower? My officemates are gone today so it is just me and my boss. The nice thing about this is that I can listen to my music louder than normal. I have been alternating between listening to the mixes that I made for the dual disc exchange and the SomaFM indie station. No officemates means surfing the net more than usual though I am starting to feel like I have looked up everything possible, though I did remember that I hadn't checked out the Paper Source's site in awhile and man, I could spend so much money there! I love it! I sometimes think about that the job that I could have had with them (even though I didn't actually apply). I full time bookbinder! How cool would that have been?! But being the nice girl that I am I couldn't leave my loving boyfriend. He loves his job and truth is we both have nice jobs here in Iowa but getting that job would fulfill two of my biggest dreams: to live in a city and to be a full time bookbinder. The things I do for love.
Tonight is pizza night and we are actually going to sit down to watch a movie together (that is if I don't fall asleep). I am also going to hang some baskets tonight (they hang from a rod) in my studio and either tonight or tomorrow I will put artwork on my walls!!!! This weekend I have to be a mad calligrapher too. I have been "working" on a project for this woman for 3 1/2 months now. I just need to get it in gear to get it done. I am hoping to have it finished by next weekend when I go up north hiking.
Busy weekend for me but I just got an email that I got a package in the mail so I am going to sneak out of here early to find out what it is!!!!!


Secret Pal said...

Remember now don't read the invoice or you'll know my identity prematurely!!

katie said...

yay for mindy blogging again! ;)