Thursday, August 07, 2008

My dad was very generous this weekend when he sent some produce home with a friend of ours who delivered it to us on Sunday night. I was expecting a few ears of corn and some beans but dad totally loaded us up! Check out all the green love he gave us. Absolutely wonderful!!!!

About half of it has already made its way into the freezer and I have eatten the lettuce. One thing that I really wasn't expecting to get though were these:

Can you see them?! Well they weren't the only ones, there were a few more. This sort of thing would have not bothered me in the past but I have become a delicate flower that's for sure. I guess they like broccoli just like I do. I soaked them to kill the worms. It seemed to work but as I was cutting I would come across ones that were still stuck on the broccoli. My gagging reflexes were working full force and I just couldn't handle it anymore. I ended up with 1 quart freezer bag of the stuff and that was all I could take. I felt bad dumping the rest but even if I did get it cut up and cleaned I don't think I could eat it knowing what was on there, I will forever remember those green worms. Makes me want to gag just typing about it. BUT...I am sooooo thankful to dad for giving me all of the green lovliness!!!!!

I had a request to post a picture of my new do which I like to call my Katie Holmes haircut. I have bangs. Maybe next time I will have to color it a dark color so it really would be a K.H. hair-do. (not a great picture)

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