Saturday, August 02, 2008

I gave my first haircut on Wednesday! My brother needed his hair trimmed and he didn't want to pay to have it done so he asked me to cut it. Not a problem! I have always wanted to cut his hair. Then he tells me I can't mess up b/c he is in a wedding this weekend! No pressure there! It took a while but we finally got a cut we were both happy with.

A little worried about what the outcome would be.

Not bad....

A winner!

Now for a flower update. Mike's zinnias are doing great!!! My lilies are slowly taking over the flower bed and I am letting them. And I am pleased with the plants I put in our front planters.

A bumble bee! yikes!

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Shan said...

I love those flowers! They're so beautiful :) I can tell you don't live in the intense heat of southwest texas... ugh.

Nice job on the haircut too :) I always cut Chris's but I just use the shears and make it one lentgh: short. hehehe Yay for military haircuts ;)