Friday, June 13, 2008

Yesterday while I was at work saving & printing a gazillion images I got to thinking "what good things am I doing for the environment? for others? for me?
So I have decided to do at least 1 good thing a day.
Yesterday I exercised. It's good for me. I feel good when it's done so why is it hard for me to get going. So I was good to my body. I worked out for 20 minutes (I gotta start small) at home and then later went on a walk with Mike & Penny.
Today my goodness was aimed at the environment. We started recycling! Actually we started 2 weeks ago but today the guy came on his bicycle to pick up our rubbermaid full of recyclables! Yay!
I am hunting for some good fun blogs about green living, I will post my findings.

Go do something good!

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