Thursday, April 24, 2008

I like bad tv.

I am blaming my addiction to this guy's show on my husband. Why oh why Bret do you do that thing with your lips? It is not appealing in any way at all. It makes me laugh and it makes me laugh harder when my husband does it out of the blue just for laughs.

I am also happy Gossip Girl is back on for a few more episodes

Okay, and one more guilty pleasure. The Hills. Yes, it's true. Why doesn't Heidi see how terrible Spencer is?

Okay now I need to redeem myself a little.
Duff makes mad cakes and his staff rocks, what a fun place to work!

I am so very very sad that this show has come to an end. Long live the reruns and Black Lavender and Bobby Light.

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katie said...

bret michaels is sooooo grody. the worst part is, the girls are even grodier than him! i will miss black lavendar too. oh rob and big!! they have provided me with so much laughter. :)