Monday, March 17, 2008

In honor of St. Patrick's day we had burgers on green buns. That's about as festive as we get around here these days.

Got my hair cut last week. It hasn't been this short in a while and I must say that I am liking it. I really never thought I would care for my hair short. I always wanted to stay a long hair type of gal. But I am diggin' the new do.

Yesterday Penny noticed that we have a neighborhood goose. It likes to hang out across the street near the empty lot. Penny will stare and make goofy noises for hours at the darn thing.

And the most exciting news of the day.....

my new website is up and finished for the most part! I need to change the text (whenever I can come up with something clever to say) and the logo is still a work in progress. Check me out:

PennyPie Designs

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