Monday, January 21, 2008

*this will be a photoless entry, pictures to come soon.

Penny turned 3, mike made her a cake complete with cottage cheese frosting (I was told it is difficult to decorate with cottage cheese). Penny liked it and mike gave it a try too.
We are finally starting to feel settled in our new house. Things have been placed in their new home and pictures are starting to be hung. It's still a little scary putting holes in a brand new wall. I love our new house so much. I have started collecting pictures and articles of plants/flowers that I want to plant in the new yard. Because the yard is big compared to the old one I think I will start out small by just planting is one of the corners and plan more year by year. I have talked mike into building me an adirondack chair for the back yard. During this colod weather I have been dreaming of sitting outside in the morning by my flowers drinking a cup of coffee and reading a book. I think I have him talked into making me a couple of planters as well.
I have also been busy with invitation design. Just completed and delivered a set yesterday and am working on 2 others. I got my own computer a couple of weeks ago that I can do my designs on. Went to look at some purple paper samples today.
Been thinking a lot lately about designing. Wishing I could do it full time. I like my current job though sometimes I just don't think I can see myself there until I retire. But it pays well and the benefits are great. It makes me wonder how many people have a job that they absolutely love. Then I think too, can I really see myself doing invitations until I am 65? I know! I will become a professional traveler. I will visit and rate resorts and restaurants all over the world. I will write travel books. Yes, that's another dream.
Dreams. (big sigh)
I had a good morning today on my day off. I went by myself to a local cafe for breakfast. Just me, my magazine, and a notebook. Had a great cup of coffee and the most amazing apple french toast. It was so delicious. Katie, it reminded me of our breakfasts in Chicago. Yummy raisin cinnamon french toast piled with sliced apples, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries. It was so amazingly yummy. It was a great time to just relax and enjoy some alone time. I am going to try and do that once a month.
I will be sure to post pictures later when the internet isn't so slow.

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katie said...

yay I am so glad you updated! i liked hearing about your chicago-y breakfast too. :)

i really want to come visit you this summer and we can sit and drink coffee in your giant backyard together.

and i will email you about other stuff!