Wednesday, May 16, 2007

So I pretty much had a crappy night last night. Husband's gone, could not fall asleep and when I did I had scary dreams about Death Eaters and Voldemort (Harry Potter stuff). Penny woke me up at 5 this morning b/c she was whining to go out so I gave in and let her out. I crawl back into bed all mad and practically in tears b/c I had to get up earlyto let the dog out. I had just fallen asleep when I am awoken by strange noises outside. When I can't stand the noise anymore (5:40) I get up and look out the window and Penny is trying to dig a hole under the fence!!! I throw on my robe and run outside. I was so frickin' pissed, still am. I am tired and crabby and told Penny she will have to spend the rest of her week on her rope. Damn dog.

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