Friday, May 18, 2007

I discovered a new scrapbooking site that was set up based on a challenge by Ali Edwards a while back. Check out One Little Word. At the end of their latest post you will also find some links to some scrapbooking kits. My favorite is still Jenni Bowlin, she has a good eye for what works together. Also found a new kit, looks nice but a bit on the expensive side. And check this out Scrap Your Man contest, how fun!
I am scrapping with the girls this weekend, hopefully will get a couple of pages done. I am also taking a couple girls to the Des Moines Farmer's Market, I can't believe that they have never been there. It's huge and they have everything. I am hoping to pick up some fresh flowers and some home made rootbeer.
My hubby comes home today, I have enjoyed hogging the bed & covers but have not enjoyed being paranoid that the boogy man is lurking in the dark spaces. And with him home he can decide what to do about the crater that the dog dug.
I am hoping to have some pictures to post next time, maybe sometime this weekend. I have been taking pictures of the progress of my blooming peonies.

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