Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Well, I have started taking small steps to a healthier lifestyle. I have set up an appointment with a dietician. I am pretty sure she will tell me things that I already know but am hoping she will share some things that I don't. When I meet with her in a couple weeks I have to bring along a family health history form and I have to keep a food diary. I have tried keeping a food diary before but didn't think it did much good. I am thinking though that knowing I have to show an actual dietician it might help a bit. We will see. Took Penny on a walk last night so I got a little exercise in. Mike also fixed my bike tire this past weekend so now I can ride.

Got loads of paper samples/swatches in the mail last night which will be nice when I am meeting with people to discuss invitations and the likes. I got 3 boxes full of swatchbooks!!!! I was drooling all over!

Finally, here are some pictures from my uncle's wedding this past weekend. Him and his new wife are both 50 years old and never been married. They make a cute couple, they compliment each other well.

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katieoltremare said...

those pictures are so sweet, those two make such a nice couple. was your mom a bridesmaid or something?