Thursday, February 15, 2007

More home updates. We spent our Valentine's Day moving furniture back into our living room because.....we had carpet installed!

The floors now seem less squeaky and we don't have dog hair dust bunnies following us where ever we go! We are also vowing to keep our living room neat & tidy, no clutter (any guesses how long that will last?!).

Last night we dined on a heart shaped pizza and root beer. It was yummy and fun. Low key and nice. Mikey enjoyed his turtle candies I got him as well as these:

Just a little somethin' I made him. Simple.

Still thinking about apparel for the upcoming Florida trip and I think I am going to buy.....a pair of Crocs. **GASP** It's true. After seeing Elsie's pair of Mary Jane Crocs (Feb. 11 post) I actually think that they might be okay. And I will be on an island and at the beach so that makes them a bit better too right? Don't know what color I would get though. Pink would be fun but I don't know. I like Elsie's teal pair but can't seem to find that color anywhere.

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