Monday, February 12, 2007

Let me introduce to you our wonderful, revamped bathroom!

Now the pictures don't really do it justice but let me just say it is a total transformation! It went from a drab white and dark stained 70s style cupboards to this super chic paradise!!! I absolutely love it! I can't take all the credit though I only painted the walls and the door. The Handy Man Hubby did all the rest. Did I mention that the only original items remaining are the shower/tub (and window), mirror, light fixture, and toilet?! Everything else was all redone! Ideally I would also like to get a white shower curtain but this will have to do for now. I love our bathroom sooooo much!!!
Tonight we will be moving furniture out of the living room because tomorrow we are having carpet installed. Our house is going through some amazing transformations and I love every bit of it. I figure Handy Man will want to take a break from renovations for a while so I am not sure what room will be next, gotta replenish our funds too!

On a different note, does anyone know of any fun websites where I could find neat bookends???

Happy Monday!

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