Tuesday, January 02, 2007

post #2 for 1-2-07

So being the girly girl that I am these days I quite enjoy Bath & Body Works semi anual sale. Just had a few dollars to spare the other day and bought these shimmer lotions:

Christmas was nice. Quick with the families so that we could get home and just relax together. We scored an eliptical machine from Santa so you know what we hope to be doing on a regular basis. We both have put on some pounds the past couple of months and we sure can tell it by the way our pants fit. I am hoping to use it regularly. It is nice and quiet which makes it easy to use and watch tv at the sametime which also makes time go by while on the machine. I also loaded up Paco (my nano) with some speedy tunes to get my blood pumpin'.

Mike spent his time off working on the house. He painted all of the trim in the living room and kitchen white. It was quite a task since it was stained super dark. Between primer and real paint it took about 6 coats. We then were able to hang up a curtain rods I had but haven't yet bought curtains for the living room, kitchen is all set. He also installed a new back door. Our previous door was actually an inside door meant for bedrooms and such. But now we have a real one.

I spent a lot of my time finishing my uncle's wedding invitations and also am taking on another set of wedding invitations for another wedding, my little side job is slowly getting steadier which is kind of fun.

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