Thursday, January 18, 2007

It seems that my posts lately have been about favorite things. Well to add to that I have fallen in love with Moleskin notebooks! While working at the big bookstore I fell in love with them but couldn't bring myself to actually purchase them. Well Big Bookstore's sister store is going out of business and has them for 50% off so of course I had to go make a purchase. I bought one that is lined, one with graph paper and one that has 6 small pockets for holding things like receipts, tickets, etc. Looking at the website they offer so many different kinds of notebooks, much more than I have seen around here.
Will have to figure out how to get my hands on the Storyboard one, that would be great for doodling at work!

I have decided to give up pop again. I am hoping that by doing this it will be easier for me to shed a few pounds before Florida. Without pop in the afternoon I thought that there was a good possiblity that I might die, or at least be a touch crabby. Well I remembered that I had some Crystal Lite packets left in my desk from the last time I gave up pop. So I mixed some up and holy bovine! I forgot how much I liked the stuff! Though the past couple of days I go through my little tantrum of wanting a pop, then I take a drink of my juice and am fine. My favorite is the Classic Orange.

On a different note Ali Edwards recently talked about creative essentials in her latest issue of AEzine. It made me think about what my necessities to create are.

1. pens

2. photos

3. patterened papers

4. xyron 510

5. my circle punches

6. ruler

7. my purple x-acto knife

I could do a lot with those bare essentials though I love all the extra do-dads too. I am especially loving on anything 7Gypsies right now which is a bit hard to come by in my neck of the woods.

Oh, here are a couple of belated Christmas pictures.

Penny and her huge bandana:

Our family squished into a small part of the full living room pre-tripod:

Out at the farm with my brothers and Liz:

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Shelby said...

Mmmm...crystal lite packets! I'm hooked on them too. I think my fave is the fruit punch...tastes just like the kool-aid I used to love so much. Though I could never give up my diet pop...I gave up the regular stuff years ago, and can't stand to drink it anymore. And yes, it is pop, not soda. ;)