Friday, March 03, 2006


I leave for Sanibel, Florida tomorrow and I am soooo excited!!!!!
In wedding news our cake stand and cake cutter arrived recently and we got toasting flutes from his parents. dress is in!!!!!!! Yahoo!!!
In Penny news: Earlier in the week I sorted laundry but didn't have time to do it all. I came home from work one day to hear from M that Penny had drug a pair of my dirty underroos into the living room and was chewing on them!!! Gross!!! The next day she left a pile of chewed up ink pen. We discovered she is teething which is why she is chewy. M was also brushing her the other day since she has been shedding like crazy and he gave her a bald spot!!!
Oh, and did I mention I leave in about 24 hrs. for Florida?!

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