Thursday, February 16, 2006

Funny Story

We had a fiasco at our house last night. M decided he would see how much water the sink in the bathroom drips by putting a glass under the faucet. We watched tv for a while and then he went to check on it and said that it was overflowing (it had been going for 2 hours). So he went and got some tools and I could hear him working in the bathroom, I continued to knit (another story) and watch tv. All of the sudden I hear water splashing everywhere, I jump off the couch, grab towels out of the closet (before even seeing the bathroom). I look in the bathroom and there is water spraying up in the air from where one of the faucet knobs was and mike is trying to control it with his hand (like you would see on tv) I take over with the towels trying to plug the hole. By that time there is water all over the counter, mirror, floor (bathroom and hallway) and 3 of the 4 lightbulbs have shorted out. He is working like mad under the sink trying to control the water (whatever one has to do under there). He finally got it shut off after quite a bit of time. I couldn't help but laugh b/c it reminded me of what you would see on tv but he didn't think it was too funny. I wanted to take his picture b/c he was soaked but he wouldn't let me. He felt bad too b/c my make-up bag was open on the counter and full of water and in the cupboard under the sink it is full of all my stuff and that all got wet, including tapons that decided to expand. We got everything cleaned up, used quite a bit of towels and we now will be buying a new faucet this weekend.

As for the knitting fiasco...apparently I was supposed to be YOing at the beginning of every even row and I wasn't. My Perfect Pie will probably not be finished for the knitting olympics which makes me sad. I will still plug away at it but it has become more of a frustration than anything.

Tonight I am going to see Haley Bonar, I love this girl! She is performing before Andrew Bird which should be a good show too. I will be a concert going freak for the next month. I will be seeing The Czars, Waking Ashland, Wilco, and Low!

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Anonymous said...

I'm worried -- did you get the package I sent??? It's been a week or two and I just want to make sure it arrived! :-) Your SP7