Monday, February 20, 2006

darn those olympics!

Why do the Olympics have to be so short? Really I should be saying why do I have to be so dumb when it comes to knitting? I cannot for the life of me figure out my perfect pie shawl! Grrr. It makes me so frustrated. I have knitting night with the girls tonight and maybe they can help. I am back to square 1 and with only 5 days left I doubt I will be getting my gold medal.

Yes, secret pal, I have received your package and it was wonderful!!!! I didn't tell M about the Reese's Peanutbutter Heart (ate that in secret) but I did share the rest of the candy. I am excited to use the yarn and pattern as well!!! Oh and Penny likes the yarn too. I left the open box on the floor that night and woke up to one of the balls of yarn unraveled all over the living room, I really do think she is part cat.

I also recently got a gift in the mail from my Gifty parner. I loved everything you sent!!! I have been eyeing those word stickers too so I was super excited about that.

I will get pictures of all of this put up here soon.

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BAM said...

Perfect Pie is a little overwhelming for the Olympics, no? I am on wedge 3 (after I started over and trashed the first wedge I did) and think that the end is still not in sight! I love the results, but it is a little slow going! Good luck!